ALTFACTOR is a Romanian IT company with 23 years of experience in custom software development. Our specialization is the development of educational software, interactive multimedia simulations, as well as applications for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. We also have ongoing research projects in which we gain excellent knowledge of data analysis and processing using machine-learning algorithms and Artificial Intelligence.


  1. RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT & INNOVATIONWe are a company that accesses European funding to generate both new products and services as well as new partnerships through applied research: 10+5 projects financed from EU funds.
  1. VIRTUAL AND AUGMENTED REALITYNext generation learning and simulation experiences using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.
  1. E-LEARNING – We offer custom designed and built educational software tailored to each client’s particular requirements. When someone needs a multimedia educational material that is interactive and well-made, but can’t find it on Google or YouTube, that’s where we come in!