We are living in full digital era these days. IT&C technologies are everywhere. The computer has been one of the greatest invention of our times, yet we are not always prepared to face the rhythm and the on-going changes brought up to our lives by this invention.

For Companies the continuous growth of the expertise on human resources as well as the capitalization of their potential has been a secure way to maintain and enhance their efficiency and competition on the market. At the same time, however, the on-going personnel formation and the information management are a permanent challenge.

For schools and organizations involved in on-going formation the globalization and dynamics of the labour market require new ways to improve the traditional teaching and to adapt it to today’s context, thus enabling the beneficiaries of the educational services perform better.

How can ALTFACTOR assist you?



We develop e-learning solutions based on a modern technology, on effective didactic methods, on interactivity, and amenity.

The center of its activity stands in developing interactive materials for study in multimedia formats designed for e-learning programs.



Our company has acquired a substantial experience in pedagogical design, graphics for educational software, in multimedia and web design.

Therefore, finding a creative solution that fits our clients’ needs is the main goal in all our projects.



We support shared endeavors that are based on partnership and cooperation, able to gather the necessary energy that would enable reaching challenging targets.

One of our main goals is to partner in accessing European funds.

Our mission is to enable people learn better by using all the advantages offered by multimedia technologies as well as their associated learning methods.
Marius Ivanov

Manager & Co-Owner, ALTFACTOR


We convert classical teaching materials into interactive multimedia formats, thus gaining multiple advantages:

  • More attractive, more modern, and more efficient study applications;
  • More accessing opportunities by adapting the content to multi-device use;
  • Better use of diverse learning strategies, such as MOOC and flipped-classroom;
  • Personalized educational content which is also adapted to each academy’s curriculum.


We offer an educational software that motivates and actively engages the learners in the learning process and that also:

  • Allows an efficient training for an unlimited number of learners, at a very good price;
  • Ensures the freedom of learning by offering self rhythm and time choice for studying which makes it possible for the learners to study anywhere (at work, at home, while travelling);
  • Enhances the retention time of the information and knowledge application due to using simulations, case studies, role playing and real life contexts.


  • Multimedia materials for informing and advertising;
  • Interactive catalogues for products and services;
  • Animated or interactive simulations (product presentations, process simulations, procedural simulations);
  • Multimedia applications for tourism (museums);
  • Job Aids where texts and images are interactively combined with animations and simulations.

Commitment / Adaptability / Partnership


We dedicate our efforts to realizing the best quality products which would best meet the exigencies of each of our clients. Our team’s resources are directed towards identifying solutions for our clients, regardless of their complexity.


We promote a flexible work model that is client oriented. We adapt to the specific requirements of the beneficiary so that our products meet their needs. We don’t offer recipes for success but solutions tailored for the measure of the client’s exigency.


We promote a work model based on collaboration and partnership. We support shared endeavours and have therefore built sustainable relationships with prestigious partners. Our openness towards collaboration is one of the main coordinates of our policy and it is our goal to continue this way.

Our Sphere of Activity

Custom Educational Software

Captivating, attractive and useful educational materials customly designed exclusively for the clients’ needs:

  • Interactive multimedia courses or mini-courses;
  • Video tutorials;
  • Interactive multimedia books or handbooks;
  • Educational games or game-like educational applications;
  • Web pages informative or instructionally oriented.

Outsourcing in e-Learning

If you are active in e-Learning content making, we are the partner who can provide you with experience, trust, professionalism, and a good quality price ratio. Our outsourcing services include:

  • Instructional design for educational software for adults and children;
  • Layout and content design for educational applications;
  • Outsourcing for digital courses in HTML5 or Adobe FLASH formats;
  • Quality insurance for educational products.

Technological Conversion and Visual Design Enhancement

Many companies and educational and formational institutions still use obsolete materials and studying programs, while e-Learning has become an important alternative to maintaining key competences up to date.

The technological conversion (or improvement) we offer means analyzing the content in obsolete formats (Adobe Flash, Powerpoint) and reconstructing it in modern formats (Html5+CSS3+Javascript, Responsive Design, Mobile Ready). The process involves a redesign of the usability parameters (layout and navigation) even visual design enhancement.

Major Projects

  • Technological Conversion ANIMV
    Technological Conversion for „Mihai Viteazul” National Intelligence Academy
  • Educational software for special educational needs children CES
    Educational software for children with special educational needs
  • Government SGG
    Interactive Multimedia Courses for General Secretariat of the Government

Years of Experience

e-Learning Projects

Multimedia Educational Modules

Happy Clients

No More Boring and Inefficient Educational Materials!


To create interactive multimedia courses is what we know how to do best. And that is due to our belief that e-Learning should not be a waste of money or energy, but an opportunity to offer the learner a memorable, useful, motivational educational experience.

We strongly believe that in order to be successful, an educational software has to:

  1. enable the learner to use the given information, not merely to know it;
  2. intensify the learner’s motivation (desire) to learn;
  3. create a significant and memorable learning experience, one that will translate into performance at the workplace.
Find out details on our prices and on how we work.

We have worked with multiple companies and institutions and have met various e-Learning needs: from educational software for children with special needs, to simulations of technical means of detecting prohibited explosive substances in airports.

We work with various technologies and we have solutions for various budgets, so don’t hesitate to contact us!