Software educaţional la comandă

ALTFACTOR creates e-Learning educational products. We offer custom educational softwares designed and developed as per each client’s exigency.

Our e-Learning strategy is grounded in a practical and contextualized approach meant to enhance the learner’s motivation to learn, which leads to improvement in school or at the workplace.

Our key promise is that our educational software will provide an instructional, authentic and relevant experience for the users.

Interactive multimedia courses or mini-courses

We design our products in such a way that our clients’ requirements will be satisfied. That is why the structure and the characteristics of the courses may vary accordingly.

A typical multimedia course is made up of learning activities, which contain various multimedia elements, such as: texts, images, audio files – all combined to form the learning activities: functional or procedural simulations, role-playing games, practical exercises, context simulations, and assisted discovery learning.

Interactive multimedia books or handbooks

They have the general characteristics of e-books: content, page navigation. The pages may contain multimedia elements: texts, images and audio. By pressing various visual elements on the pages the user may access standard or complex activities such as animations, videos, process, procedural or contextual simulations, quizzes, sorting activities, labelling, ordering and filling-in activities.

The format is adapted for tablet, laptop or desktop view.

The technology we use is Html5+JavaScript+CSS3 or Adobe PDF.

Explanatory tutorial videos

They may contain filmed or virtually generated sequences. Musical background can also be inserted as well as sound effects, voice, and subtitles.

Video tutorials may be made up of sections. Various learning activities may be inserted in between the video sections. The activities can be for active learning (role playing) or evaluative activities (quizzes).

A situation in which we use video tutorials a lot is an educational application designed to teach how to use a software (for example Office). The use can go through the steps in three different ways: demonstration mode, instruction mode, and/or evaluative mode.

Aplicaţii eduaţionale de tip joc

Educational games or game-like educational applications

Based on their high level of efficiency, the educational applications (lessons or games) we develop contain elements that are specific to games (Gamification & Game mechanics) such as:

  • different levels of difficulty;
  • scoring system and timers;
  • a non-linear browsing of the sequences;
  • badges and titles according to results;
  • personalization of the application with the user’s information.

These applications are made of several learning, evaluative, and consolidation activities. They follow a plot line and usually have characters.

Major Projects

Our mission is to create a motivating, memorable, and useful experience for the user. That is why we design e-Learning software applications based on the following requirements:

  1. Providing relevant information for the user;
  2. Instructional design according to didactical objectives
  3. Design according to the multimedia use in e-Learning principles;
  4. Introducing testing and evaluative applications;
  5. Use of interactive methods for the learning process;
  6. Delivering the information in small bits of content;
  7. Attractive (yet not invasive) visual and audio design.

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