Outsourcing in eLearning

Avoid unplanned investments in people or infrastructure

Complete or partial externalization of your service towards ALTFACTOR might just be the best solution if you have an ample project that involves an extra investment in people or infrastructure.


Extend your own offer with e-Learning products

If you provide traditional training services and you want to expand with e-Learning solutions, we can definitely help you!

You can benefit from our experience in e-Learning

By externalizing the e-Learning content development, you can benefit from our expertise and experience. It’s possible that our team may have already worked in similar projects and may therefore have ideas for solutions that will complement yours.

… Now open your eyes. How does the perfect design look like?

Qualifications in applied pedagogy

Learning is an organic process that happens as a result of many influential factors. That is why the results of an educational endeavour are not totally predictable. All we can do is to create the best conditions for learning and understanding to happen.

The perfect design…is the key factor in solving this problem!

Expertise in programming

Our specialists in programming have the experience and expertise to create a wide range of e-Learning products. This allows us to make products that can be integrated into most existing e-Learning platforms thanks to their standards, such as SCORM and TinCan. Also, we can develop e-Learning applications in Articulate Storyline or Adobe Captivate.

Experience in 2D and 3D graphic design

We use 2D and 3D models and animations as valuable work instruments to facilitate learning Heuristic learning. We make the most of the potential offered by 3D animations to offer the most relevant representations of the informational content and also to create an interactive environment.

Major projects

We outsource the following products and services:

  • Educational applications developed in the client’s framework (or our own);
  • Rapid e-Learning Development using Authoring Tools such as: Articulate Storyline or Adobe Captivate;
  • Assistance in educational software design;
  • Assistance in designing ergonomic educational application;
  • e-Learning instructional design services;
  • Design and development of functional mock-ups;
  • 2D or 3D static graphic services for education;
  • 2D or 3D animation services for education.

Our Experience and Qualifications in Outsourcing can help you!