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Custom Educational Software

We develop custom educational software starting from our clients’ requirements and particular exigency, or “from scratch” (concept, storyboard writing, and build-up).

  • School of Arts and Crafts
    School of Arts and Crafts and Vocational High Schools - Multimedia digital content
  • educational games
    Educational games on CD for the little ones - EDUCREATIV
  • Government SGG
    Interactive Multimedia Courses for General Secretariat of the Government
  • multimedia cadre didactice preuniversitare
    Multimedia courses for primary, middle and high school teachers

Outsourcing in e-Learning

We offer outsourcing services in e-Learning based on our rich experience in this domain.

  • Cipru Cyprus
    Cyprus - Multimedia Educational Resources
  • SEI National Program
    National Program “Digital Educational System”
  • Kazakhstan
    Kazakhstan - multimedia educational resources
  • Educational software for special educational needs children CES
    Educational software for children with special educational needs

Technological Conversion and Facelift Design

A redeeming solution for when your educational materials have become obsolete and can no longer satisfy learners’ exigencies.

  • Technological Conversion ANIMV
    Technological Conversion for „Mihai Viteazul” National Intelligence Academy
  • Dubai
    Project designed for students in Dubai secondary schools

European and national research projects

Together with prestigious partners from Romania and abroad, we succeeded in implementing technologies which added value to the products in our portfolio and ascribed new valences to the pedagogical concept of e-learning.

  • Danube Delta
    Content management platform for the virtual museum of the Danube Delta habitat
  • safety for children
    Guarantee - a projected designed to automatize safety for children and the elderly
  • Medscen - Multimedia courses for intervention, protection, and reconstruction in case of calamities

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