Educational games on CD for the little ones – EDUCREATIV

Project Title:

eduCreativ – educational games on CD’s for the little ones


Here is the perfect gift for the little ones – an attractive story, savvy characters that open the door to a magical world! It is a land where lessons become artful stories, filled with meaning. This is the eduCreativ world, a cavalcade of multimedia lessons for primary education.

More details:

We designed, developed, and commercialized (retail) a collection of 6 educational CD’s. Our products are adapted to meet the children’s needs and expectations. They are valuable in terms of pedagogy, attractive, fun, and easy to use – this is how we best describe the eduCreativ lessons.

CD collection

primary grades (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th)

school subjects (Romanian, Mathematics, Science)


Our goal was to make Mathematics exciting. We created a world in which eduCreativ leads the young students and where cleverness and knowledge is what matters most. To win here you don’t have to be stronger or feistier, but smarter.


Behind the scene of the adventurous stories we managed to apply a carefully designed pedagogical endeavour and a strategy that uses valuable didactic methods by means of multimedia.

We set ourselves to turn an Environment Study lesson into an interesting story.

Our experience and expertise can help you!

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