Projected designed to automatize safety for children and the elderly

Project title:

GUARANTEE – A Guardian Angel for the Extended Home Environment


Children can be free while monitored by parents in their homes. Whenever their safety is endangered, parents can intervene. This project sets to improve the safety for children and elderly at home, by means of technologies tackling specific needs as well as environmental particularities. The project involves the design and the development of an integrated system consisting of an acquisition and data transmission module, a portal module, and communication media. The system will ensure a direct connection between the residential media and the monitoring persons or the institutions, who can intervene whenever children’s safety is in danger. The project took place within EUREKA Clusters – ITEA 2, the European Consortium, coordinated by Philips Research. GUARANTEE was financed within PNII – P5 – Innovation – Module 5 – European Cooperation.

Important challenges:

ALTFACTOR coordinated the project at a national level, implementing it in partnership with Siveco Romania. From a technological point of view, our role was to develop the software platform which would receive the signaled provided by the designated equipment from the monitored premises, to ensure the processing of the received data, and to further transmit it to the appointed institutions which are able to intervene.

As an innovative element in security systems, the project implemented the on-going education concept – a mechanism that educates people in terms of prevention.

This project allowed us to investigate new ways of adapting the services provided by a software to the ever changing requirements of our clients.

Guarantee, as a European project is more than a simple security product. It can interpret human behaviour in context and performs actions in case of dangerous situations.

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