Multimedia courses for primary, middle and high school teachers

Project Title:

SOP HRD Sectoral Operational Programme Human Resources Development Project – European Professional Education and Reform


Training and professional development of over 6000 primary, middle and high school teachers in Galați and Ialomița, Romania.

The project aimed at implementing an institutional and methodological framework adapted to the digital society, in order to ensure a proficient education that would meet the European Standards.


Beneficiary: Galați County School Inspectorate, ALTFACTOR – partner

Diverse themes

Multimedia Lessons

Reusable Educational Objects

Beneficiary Teachers

We developed an interactive web platform called “The Teachers’ School” (  and we created such an education content adapted to the needs of our focus group.

We developed the following interactive multimedia courses, authorized by the National Centre for Personnel Training: Class Management, Crisis Management, Capacity Centered Curriculum and School Euromanager. All the above mentioned courses were developed in blended learning format.

The didactical interactivity of the lessons was achieved by the use of examples, immediate feedback, and case studies from the teachers’ real practice.

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