National Program “Digital Educational System”

Project title:

National Program “Digital Educational System”


We developed over 1,500 interactive lessons for 11 subjects dedicated to primary, secondary and high school education.

It has been the widest program run by the Romanian Government in computerization of education and in promoting computer assisted education.

This project (SEI – from Romanian “Sistem Educational Informatizat”) is a complex program developed by the Romanian Ministry of Education and Research which covered all Romanian educational institutions in its 8 years of implementation.

1st to 12th grade


multimedia lessons


This project has had a major impact on the digitalization of the Romanian educational system and on the use of ITC in education.

We designed the learning activities as autonomous and reusable content components.

From a pedagogical perspective, our challenge was to convert the didactic material from its old format into multimedia as well as to enhance the didactical effect through multimedia: animations, simulations, videos, case studies and games.

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