Project designed for students in Dubai secondary schools

Project Title:

Educational Multimedia Resources consisting of reusable learning objects designed for students in the United Arab Emirates


The project is part of an ample educational program of didactic and technological modernization of the educational system in UAE.

We developed 79 multimedia resources in English and Arabic for the following subjects: English, Biology, Social Studies. The goal of the project was to generate a change in how the teaching-learning process had been approached, a change that would shift the traditional educational system to a digital one. That meant the developing of digital textbooks. Our multimedia resources represent interactive multimedia learning activities integrated in the digital handbooks.


Siveco, Romania, Subcontractor: ALTFACTOR, Beneficiary: Ministry of Education in the United Arab Emirates

various subjects

Multimedia resources

months of development

It was the first project to have required the use of HTML5 technology which was a real challenge for us, especially in terms of testing the functionality of our applications on mobile devices.

We designed novel educational storyboards adapted both to a new curriculum and to a different culture.

We extended our area of qualification regarding the participation in international projects. We worked alongside with many other teams and had to take into account cultural differences. These are key elements that ensured our success in this project.

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