Project Title:

The special school portal – SEN – multimedia interactive educational content for children with special educational need.


In this project, we developed a total of 109 lessons as follows: 45 – Biology, 23 – Chemistry, 27 – Physics, and 14 – Geography. All these lessons were realized in e-learning format, designed for children with special educational needs, as per the curriculum and its particularities, aligned to international standards.



MECTS-UMPFE – Contractor and beneficiary

Romtelecom – Contractor and provider

Siveco România – Subcontractor and provider

ALTFACTOR – Subcontractor for Siveco Romania


School subjects


Our goal was to enable students to gain basic abilities in terms of ITC and internet use.

An important challenge was to translate the cognitive information into visual items, according to the special cognitive accessibility requirements of the focus group.


We implemented a new innovative approach for our Romanian context, in terms of pedagogical planning of the multimedia applications. It was an approach based on conversational communication, on use of characters, and on game-based learning.

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